Process Metallurgy

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MET374E (Process Metallurgy)
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at Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Department of I.T.U.


The aim of this course is to develop an understanding of principles of metallurgical processes, reactor design, metallurgical reactions, and development of metallurgical processes. Many of the unique features of metallurgical systems have been described in sufficient detail and numerous illustrative examples have been included so that it should also be useful for future metallurgical engineers working in the development period of new processes and/or in the continuation of the current processes.


This course is intended to serve as a comprehensive course in process engineering metallurgy for an upper undergraduate in the metallurgical engineering & materials science curriculum. Engineering aspects of mineral processing, including unit operations and flow sheets. Science and technology of metal extraction with applications to specific ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The course includes methods for reactors used in iron and steelmaking, non-ferrous metallurgy, handling and use of metallurgical by-products, project task, and scaling-up of some metallurgical reactors and processes.


The students who successfully pass this course gain knowledge, skill, and competency in the following subjects;

  1. Describe and explain processes and reactors for extraction and manufacturing of metals and alloys
  2. Knowledge of structure and properties of metallurgical matters
  3. Basic transport phenomena approaches in the applications of metallurgical processing
  4. Estimation of chemical and electrochemical reaction rates based on kinetic perspective
  5. Important considerations in reactor design and scaling-up studies
  6. Environmental concerns both in current and future metallurgical processes


Process Metallurgy – An Argosy Through Time, Introduction to Metallurgical Processing, Classification of Metallurgical Reactors, Structure and properties of molten metal and silicate slags, Importance of Transport Phenomena in Metallurgical Processing, Chemical and Electrochemical Reaction Kinetics, Iron and Steel Technology, Electric Furnace Steelmaking, Non-ferrous process principles and product technologies, Process Concept for Scaling-Up and Plant Studies, Environmental aspects and the future of process Metallurgy, Group projects

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Moments of Presentations

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