Fundamentals of Transport Phenomena

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MET317E (Fundamentals of Transport Phenomena)
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at Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Department of I.T.U.


Introduction and basic concepts, Dimensions and units of measurement, General overview of transport phenomena including various applications, Types of fluid flow and Reynolds number, The concept of viscosity & kinematic viscosity and viscosity calculations of fluids, Newton’s law, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, Applications of differential equations of flow, Laminar Flow & Momentum Balance, Equation of continuity and the momentum equation, Application of Navier-Stokes’ equation, Turbulent and complex flows, Heat transfer mechanisms, Fourier’s law of heat conduction, Thermal conductivity of materials, Conduction of heat in solids, Definition of fluxes-Fick’s laws, Diffusion in different media (solids, ceramics materials, liquids, etc.)


The objective of this engineering course is to provide to the student a sufficient background to be able to understand the fundamental phenomena, governing equations and assumptions used in the analysis of transport processes. We address aspects of three fundamental transport processes, momentum, heat and mass. After completing the class, students will be able to develop a background in the transports phenomena which are significant to be successful in many theoretical and practical problems in the fields of the laboratory practices, pilot plants or industrial operations implementations.

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Suggested readings
  1. The International System of Units (SI)
  2. Laminar turbulent flows, Reynolds number, friction

Some useful links


Professor John Biddle’s complete lecture series (at Cal Poly Pomona)


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Drag Coefficient and Terminal Velocity of a solid particle

Bernoulli equation

Using a Moody Chart

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Emptying of a Tank

Heat Transfer (Conduction)

Composite Wall with Series/Parallel Configuration

Fundamentals of Convection heat transfer

Heat Transfer (Transient – Biot number)