Introduction to Electrometallurgy

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MET477E (Introduction to Electrometallurgy)

at Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Department of I.T.U.

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Introduction to Electrometallurgy, Electrochemical principles and basic concepts, Important milestones in the development of electrometallurgy, Conductivity, Electrolytic conduction, Molar conductivity, Transport numbers, Chemical changes in electrolysis, Examples of electrolysis, Electrode reactions, Stoichiometry of electrolysis (Faraday’s Laws), Concentration changes in aqueous electrolytes, Galvanic cells, Electrochemical series, Redox half-cells, Kinetics of electrode reactions, Potentiometric cells, Reversible conditions, Standard Hydrogen Electrode, Potentials and thermodynamics of cells, Decomposition potential, Overpotential, Anodic oxidation, Cathodic reduction, Cementation, Electrocrystallization, Eh-pH diagrams, Technological applications; Leaching, Precipitation, Metal extraction and refining, Electrorefining and Electrowinning of metals, Fused salt electrolysis of aluminum and magnesium, Electroplating, Electroforming, Electrochemical polishing, Batteries, Fuel cells.


It is the aim of this course to teach the following topics with in-depth analysis of the chemical principles, beneath the related subjects, and with numerous example problems covering the subject materials in the field of electrometallurgy. To describe the principles and practice of electrometallurgical and other electrochemical processes, which are, or could be, used in the production of metals.

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